SELAS goes to Voronya

A description of the participation of SELAS Caving Club, Greece, in the CAVEX missions of 2005 (January & July) to the world's deepest cave, recounted by a non-participant writing from the safety of Athens.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Info about the SELAS mission

The following information is a translation of the posts on the SELAS forum about the mission to survey the lowest sections of the deepest cave in the world: Voronya-Krubera (-2,080m).

Last October, a new section was discovered in Voronya - Krubera, in the Western Caucasus, in Russia [sic] at an altitude of 2300m. This new section led the Russian and Ukranian cavers to the as yet unattained depth of -2080m, which is not only a world record but a desire of the world caving community for many years. The leader of the Russian mission, D.Provalov invited a three-man team from the Speleological Hellenic Athletic Club to take part in a planned mission aiming to survey the cave from -1440 to -2080.

The invitation came after very positive previous cooperation between Greek and Russian cavers, both within Greece and abroad. The invitation is a great honour for us, not only for the members of the team but for all Greek cavers, given that we are being asked to explore and survey this very large cave. The mission will be manned by 25 people and will take place between 2 and 20 January 2005.

The Greek participants in the expedition will be: K.Adamopoulos, N.Mitsakis and I.Kazais, all three of whom are members of Selas.


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