SELAS goes to Voronya

A description of the participation of SELAS Caving Club, Greece, in the CAVEX missions of 2005 (January & July) to the world's deepest cave, recounted by a non-participant writing from the safety of Athens.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


The picture is up on the forum website (check the link above and scroll down, until further notice). I am on a boat coming back to Greece and will be in a position to have everything up and running again before Tuesday. The picture was posted on 2 January on the forum with the following text:

This afternoon we got together at SELAS for the final details and to get the gear together. We are enthusiastic and waiting for our departure tomorrow at 13.10 with Aeroflot for Moscow. In Moscow we will meet Ilia Zharkov a member of the CAVEX-Team and we'll be spending the night in Moscow. On Tuesday afternoon we'll be flying to Sochi, on the southern borders of the Russian Federation (borders with Georgia). It is possible that on Wednesday, if the weather is suitably clement, we might board the two helicopters with which to approach the entrance to Voronya. Before saying our goodbyes to the club, we took a photo:

We would like to thank again our sponsor, TNT, and all those who have helped us prepare for the mission.

In the picture left to right are: Kostas Adamopoulos, Ilias Kazais and Nikos Mitsakis.


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