SELAS goes to Voronya

A description of the participation of SELAS Caving Club, Greece, in the CAVEX missions of 2005 (January & July) to the world's deepest cave, recounted by a non-participant writing from the safety of Athens.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some information about the mission to Voronya

Kostas writes:

• 60 speleologists, most from Russian Federation and the Ukraine.
• Of the 60 participants, 12 were from outside Russia and the Ukraine: Greece (3), Italy (2), Poland (3), Australia (1), Slovenia (1), Czech Republic (1), UK (1)
• The mission lasted from 20 June 2005 until 30 July 2005.
• Location: Western Caucasus, Mount Arabika, in the Abkhazia region of Georgia. The base camp was at an altitude of 2240m.
• The cave (Krubera-Voronya) is the deepest in the world and has a depth of -2080m. It may be deeper still, but exploration is ongoing. The entrance is at an altitude of 2250m.
• The mission involved four Greek speleologists (initially four, only three made it to base camp), members of SELAS Caving Club (
o Kostas Adamopoulos (Leader of the Greek expedition) +30-6942052053
o Elias Kazais
o Methodios Psomas (of SPOK Crete)
o Nikos Mitsakis

Phone number for more information: Expedition leader: +30-6942052053 or through SELAS +30-2109020171


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